Wholetime Firefighter - Recruitment Information What is involved in being a Firefighter

A firefighter will be called upon to tackle various emergency situations where problem solving skills and initiative will be vital to resolve issues quickly and calmly. There are certain personal attributes required and these include confidence, resilience, an ability to communicate effectively and a commitment to equality and diversity. As a firefighter you will be expected to undertake a continuous programme of training and take responsibility for developing your own skills and ensuring that your fitness levels are maintained, as the work can be both physically and mentally demanding.

The application process will open on 7 August 2023 and will stay open until 12 noon on 16 August 2023. We reserve the right to close applications sooner if we receive a very large number of applications.

Firefighter recruitment is always a competitive process, with an extremely high number of applicants competing for a low number of positions; therefore it will be necessary to only take the highest performing individuals at each stage of the selection process to progress to the next level. Our online recruitment process is designed to make an initial assessment of your potential to work as a Firefighter using a range of specifically designed questions which examine the qualities and basic knowledge required for the role.

Whilst completing your application it is essential that you read each question carefully to ensure that you are responding exactly as you would like. You should also ensure that you answer all questions before submitting your response. Failure to answer all questions may result in your application being unsuccessful.

You should ensure that you have read all of the available information on our website and Wholetime Firefighter recruitment Micro-site in relation to the role of a Firefighter, the recruitment process and in particular, the eligibility criteria for these positions. You will not be able to apply until the application process opens on 7 August 2023.

Click on the various links on our website for information about the role of a Wholetime Firefighter, and for more details about the selection process.

This role is subject to a Standard Check with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Diversity matters at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service – we want to attract the broadest range of people to work with us and the more diverse the workforce, the better able we are to serve our community. We are committed to equality of opportunity and welcome applications from all individuals regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social background, religion and/or belief or age. We are proud to be a Disability Confident Employer.

The recruitment and selection process will comprise: The Firefighter Application Form

The application form provides the Fire and Rescue Service with your personal details such as work history or qualifications and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate any evidence that you have in meeting the employee specification. If an area is essential you cannot be considered for the role of Fire fighter unless you possess that element of the criteria.

Practical and Physical Tests

You will be required to undertake physical tests which aim to assess your level of fitness, strength and manual dexterity as well as your level of confidence in simulated exercises.

The following tests are designed to reflect operational practice and may change from time to time.
Ladder Climb
Casualty Evacuation
Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation
Enclosed Space
Equipment Carry
Fitness Test
Bleep or Chester Treadmill Test

On-line tests

These stages consist of three different tests which assess an applicant’s ability to process information, problem solve and work with numbers.. The tests may include, but are not limited to:
• Verbal Ability
• Numerical Ability
• Firefighter Talent Screener
NB Verbal and numerical tests will be completed using pencil and paper during Covid restrictions.


The interview consists of a face to face to discussion. The format will be a series of questions about your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities against the employee specification which is also available on the website so you can consider the qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities we are looking for.

The Medical Assessment

Once you are nearing the end of the selection process, you will be invited to attend a medical assessment, where you will be examined by the Fire and Rescue Service Doctor and your medical records obtained from your GP if applicable. You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire covering your medical history and will then be subject to a series of tests including:
• Hearing Test
• Step Test
• Lung Function
• Physical Stamina
• General Tests

Are you ready

Firefighter recruitment is always a competitive process; with an extremely high number of applicants therefore it will be necessary to only take the highest performing individuals at each stage of the selection process to progress to the next level. If you are interested in joining us we would suggest that you consider all the information on our website and take the appropriate steps so you can be fully prepared


On call firefighters are firefighters who are on-call and carry an alerter. They are required to respond to an emergency when the alerter activates. To be an on call firefighter applicants have to be able to respond to the fire station within the required time, so applicants need to either live or work within a close distance. Applicants may already be in a full time job, unemployed or looking for a career that can fit around their childcare or home life. Being an on call firefighter can complement many different lifestyles.

On call firefighters are trained to deal with a wide range of emergency situations. They provide an agreed contract of hours for emergency cover throughout the week. Additionally, they also undertake weekly evening training sessions at station to maintain and develop skills. Retained firefighters receive full initial training followed by continuous development; this will require dedication. Those responding from work will require their employer’s consent, whilst those responding from home must consider the impact on their home life.


A range of managerial and support services jobs exist within the areas of prevention, protection and road safety, fleet and engineering, finance, human resources, ICT, procurement, Princes Trust, health and safety, communications, administration, project management and management information to name a few. Most corporate support functions are based at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters at Fulwood, Preston.



Competitive salary, pension scheme and annual leave entitlement


Childcare vouchers for eligible staff


Training and development opportunities